They feel like family - Peter Ellis Part 3 of 3

Personal relationships, and genuine interest are hard to find!

"I love coming in to here, the moment you come through the door, no matter the member of staff, it’s always a warm welcome, would you like a cup of tea or coffee, and it’s always so relaxing. And I’m fortunate at times, I know a lot of other patients that are in here, so it’s like a meeting place while we’re waiting to see Paul or Jordan. I feel it is, it’s like a family practice in which we’re much appreciated, and I’d say it feels like coming home. A member of the staff. What amazes me is that Paul remembers something from going back so many years, that I think, all the patients that he sees, how can he remember something so simple as a part of life that we’ve talked about. So again it’s like, I feel part of the family definitely.

Can I butt in without actually going over there for something for Peter to say? Something that affects me when I come in here is I’m surprised by the amount of technology they have.

I should have said that!

Because it’s a town centre like Runcorn they haven’t got the technology like they have in national chains so if you want can you slide that one into it?


And I say again the quality of frames!

You don’t feel like you’re on a conveyer belt, you have a personal touch, and the quality of the technology is amazing.

I mean to me you can come in here and get a pair of glasses for £20-30 up to £1000 can’t you? People have said over the past, oh I can’t go in there it’s too dear. I said why? At least you get a pair you can see through. Because they’d say to Margaret, up there you’d get buy one get one free, well why’ve you come here, well I can’t see out of them, she said what’s the point in having two that you can’t see out of, at least Mr Morgan gives you a pair you can see out of, and it’s perfectly true. To me they’re alright up there if you’re bog standard, and you want something like a virtually clear lens.

I would just like to say the technology that Paul seems to have here, it’s just amazing that you don’t expect in a small family practice, because of all the technology there with all of the equipment, so they’re looking at the back of your eyes, when you get your frames fitted, there is no more here putting them on and putting dots like this, you stand in front of a computer screen, and you just keep looking, and it’s just amazing how it photographs your eyes. And then Paul himself has shown me what he does behind the scenes how he moves everything round so as they’re a perfect fit for our individual eyes. As we say not just the chance of a person there with a black marker putting a dot on. So the equipment is just beyond what we expect in Runcorn, so we just say thankyou very much for the investment that Paul pays for the equipment."