Choosing My Glasses - Peter Ellis Part 2 of 3

A flexible, no pressure, back and forth

"In my world it does take me a bit of time to be happy before I do choose, well, accept the frame and the lenses. I recommended some friends the come here, two in particular, they come in, they see a frame, that’ll do them. The process of the eye test, they’re more than happy with, and within a fortnight or less, you’re wearing your new frames.

What I like about coming to Paul’s is that once I’ve actually selected the frame, I’ve had my eye test, once I’ve had the glasses fitted, I can go home, and if I’m not quite sure that they’re right, the way the glasses fit, and hopefully, in between other appointments of people, Paul will sort me out. It’s never too much trouble, a case of oh you’ll have to come back again next week or tomorrow, he always takes time out to see to his patients.

I’ve always been so set in my ways that I wouldn’t want to change my frames, and then Paul will say try this on, try that, and because I need my glasses on to see the frames I’m never quite sure. But I’ve never yet been sold frames that I’ve had made up and gone home and thought, ooh I shouldn’t have bought those. So Paul and his staff are so professional in the choice that they can give us, and they know what frames suit us, where I basically haven’t got a clue, until I’ve had them and I’ve been more than happy with what I’ve had over the last 20 years.

We’ve been on a cruise recently, and I’ve bought a few pairs of Lindberg off Paul, and we’ve had some lovely comments whilst we were on the ship saying what lovely frames, because out of all the frames that I’ve had over the years, they’ve always been amazing, but the ones I’ve got now, the Lindberg ones, they’re a one off, you don’t know that you’ve got any frames on. They’re so light and amazing to wear, and I feel so proud to be wearing them as I can see so clearly out of them. And as we say they’re just amazing."