The Morgan's Experience - Andrew Mathers Part 3 of 3

A personal touch is the key ingredient for Andrew

"Well the practice environment is second to none really, as you walk in as I said before you get a cup of tea, cup of coffee, there is always magazines and papers to have a read. As I say I’ll come in, and sometimes I’ll come in with a friend whose looking for glasses, and I just sit, have a drink and read the paper as my friend comes in to have an eye test, I said you chat with the receptionist, they know us, we know them. It’s absolutely brilliant really, it’s like coming home. It’s like meeting up with friends for a coffee when you come in here.

Well I think the difference between a multi-chain and Morgans really is the personal touch. You don’t get the personal touch with the multinational companies. You seem to be a bother to them when you go in there, it’s sort of like you have to wait, have you got an appointment, yeah what time is your appointment, it’s 10:00, well it’s 10:30 now so you know, why have I been kept waiting. There’s no cup of tea, no good morning, no sit down, you know all that sort of stuff, no chat, you’re just a customer waiting on a chair, and nobodies taking any notice of you until it’s your time to go in. Not like that with Morgan’s at all, I say Morgan’s, Paul Morgan’s. Like I say, it’s like friends, family all that kind of thing. Sit down, have a cup of tea, how did your weekend go? Oh mine was fine, what did you get up to? Well I did this, you did that, that sort of stuff, absolutely lovely. You don’t get that with a multi-chain, this is a lovely family business who look after you."