Buying Glasses at Morgans - Andrew Mathers Part 2 of 3

The after service is as good as the welcome!

"Well I like the variety that they’ve got, and I like the fuller frames like this, which are darker, and there is all sorts of different makes like Lacoste, Boss, loads of different ones, I can’t think of any off the top of my head Armani, that sort of thing, Tom Ford, that sort of stuff, and you can get them all here. So if there are a pair of frames that you like, but they’re not just what you think will suit you the best, they’re always happy to order some in for you, or sometimes if there is a buyer coming in, or some guy who is selling all these frames, they’ll give you a ring and say ooh so and so is coming in on Wednesday if you fancy coming down, you can come and have a full look at everything they’ve got.

Well usually they’re complementary, they suit you, they’re nice frames and all the rest of it, where did you get them from, and all that sort of stuff, but you always tend to buy a pair of frames for just walking around in the daytime, you always have another pair of frames for when you’re going out at night or when you’re going to a wedding, or when you’re going on holiday. You want nice frames with sunglasses in, which are polaroid so you can actually see the fish in the sea so the glare isn’t coming up, that sort of stuff. And the frames and the service and the lenses, all different types of lenses as well, all different sorts of values as well, and you can have the basic ones or the very very good ones. As I said, you get the choice of all these things, they’re put in front of you, and it’s your choice, they recommend what they think you should have, but you don’t have to go along with that, you can pick your own, and if that’s what suits you, that’s what you go along with. It’s free, it’s a service that when you go into a multi chain, you feel a bit harassed, they don’t give you much time to look, they take you in the back, they sit you down, it’s a process, boom boom boom, they’re not interested in you as an individual, you’re just a customer. When you come here they look at you like an individual, Paul knows what I like to do on my holidays, what I like to do in my spare time. I know he likes to go cycling, that he cycles into work a lot and that sort of stuff, and it’s the personal bit of banter that you have between each other that makes it more comfortable for you to come in, be at ease, sit down, have a cup of tea, look amongst all the frames, and there are hundreds, and then take your time, pick what you want, and they’ll get them to you as soon as they can. And it doesn’t end there, the after service is as good as when you walk in the shop and buy anything, which is very unusual these days, multichains they just seem, there’s your glasses and off you go, and if they’re not right for you and you come back, you’re a pain in the bum. But not here, not here, they look after you all the way through."