Eye Test Apprehension - Andrew Mathers Part 1 of 3

How Morgan's help Andrew settle his pre-eye test nerves

"My Name is Andrew Mathers, I live in Runcorn, and I’ve been coming to Morgan Opticians now for about 15 years.

If you go to a multi-chain, well you’re on a conveyor belt there, where if you come here, you get a cup of tea, they make you welcome, you get loads of time to peruse the frames, see what frames you like, they’ll order frames in if you want to. They take their time with their eye tests, the technology is absolutely amazing, better than I’ve ever exampled before, so that’s why I come here.

Well sometimes you get a bit nervous when coming in for an eye test, because sometimes you realize, it’s not always just about your eyes either, it’s about your general health, they can tell you all sorts of things that are going on with other parts of your body. So sometimes when you come in its nice to know that somethings, that anybody else, like a doctor, can’t actually see. So I’m a bit apprehensive when I come in, in case they find something. But at least you know that they’re looking for something, and when you walk out you’ve got that little bit of confidence that there is nothing wrong with you at all, the headaches are probably hungover headaches, and you can get on with the rest of your life.

The whole thing, as a whole thing, as getting up in the morning, getting shaved and a shower, there is no issues with it at all, there is nothing to worry about. You come in, you’ll be made welcome, you come and have your eye test, and then you come out. If you don’t want to pick any frames, you don’t have to. If your eyes are perfectly alright, they’ll say I’ll see you in another two years, or feel free to pop in, we’ll give you a call if we get some new frames in, if you want to pop along you’re more than welcome, but if you do need frames, if you do need new lenses and stuff like that, they’ll go to the nth degree to make sure you’re happy, and they will not let you walk out this shop until they know you’re happy."