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Are you eligible for an eye examination paid for by the NHS?

If you meet one of the following criteria then you are:

  1. You are under 16, or under 19 in full-time education
  2. You are aged 60 or over
  3. You suffer from glaucoma or diabetes
  4. You are aged 40 or over and are either the parent, brother, sister or child of a person who has or had glaucoma
  5. You are considered to be at risk of glaucoma by an ophthalmologist
  6. You have been prescribed complex lenses under the NHS voucher scheme
  7. You are registered blind or partially sighted
  8. You or your partner receives income support, working families’ tax credit, income-based job-seekers allowance or disabled person’s tax credit.
  9. You or your partner have a valid HC2 certificate

Whatever the reason for your appointment, we look forward to seeing you.

If you are coming to us from another opticians and you are looking to buy a prescription product, you will need to bring your previous prescription, or you will need another sight test from us, so we can be sure you are getting the eye care you need.

If you need presciption lenses for frames you have bought elsewhere, you will need to bring in a receipt for those frames before we can deliver the lenses.

The Sight Test

Stage 1

Recap, Update, Baseline

1.1 You tell us your history, and symptoms

1.2 We ask you about your general health

How are you, and what can you see?

First we need you to update us on the important things, so we'll ask you a few questions.

Then we'll see, how much you can see. What kind of sight test would it be if we didn't take a baseline measurement of your sight?

No funny business, just you and the board.

Stage 2


2.1 The eye examination

2.2 Exact spectacle prescription

Getting the basics right

This is the nuts and bolts of the eye test, where we find your basic prescription.

We shine a light in your eye and use its reflection to get 90% accuracy. Some visual tests and a few questions get us the last 10%.

This provides the foundation for the rest of the eye exam.

Stage 3

Routine MOT

3.1 How well do your eyes work together

3.2 Near vision assessment

3.3 Full structural examination

3.4 Glaucoma check

3.5 Peripheral vision check

3.6 Back of the eye examination

3.7 Further tests based on your specific needs

What else do we need to know?

Is there anything else that needs to be added to your prescription e.g. do you need varifocal lenses.

Are there any problems we need to be aware of. We go through a number of tests with you, so that we can deal with anything that might come up.

We don't want to leave any stone unturned, the health of your eyes is our No.1 priority.

Other Services

Diabetic Retinopathy

Eye Clinic

Privacy Policy

Diabetic Retinopathy

If not detected early diabetic retinopathy can lead to sight loss

If you have diabetes and are over the age of 12, then you need regular eye screening to check for diabetic retinopathy.

So what does eye screening involve?

1   Taking a history - your details will be checked to make sure the information on the system is up to date and correct.

2   Testing visual acuity - we record how good the level of your sight is. If you wear glasses for your distance vision, you will need to bring these to your appointment.

3   Dilation Drops – eye drops that make your pupils larger. The eye drops can cause blurriness and sensitivity to light for up to 6 hours – do not drive in this time.

4   Photographing the eye - we use our camera to photograph different areas of the back of your eye. This is why we need the dilation drops, so we get clearer images.

5   Grading – the images taken of your eyes will be assessed after your appointment.

6   Results – you will usually receive your results by post 4 – 6 weeks after the appointment.

So its a simple check, nothing painful, nothing to worry about, but it is important for your eye health

Minor Eye Condition Service (MECS)

P&A Morgan has two MECS accredited optometrists

MECS uses accredited local high street optometrists to triage patients presenting with an eye condition. If you have an eye condition, or if your a clinician and your patient has an eye condition, come down to P&A Morgan for an NHS-funded MECS appointment. Just pop in, or you can make an appointment online, or call 01928 572177.

Using MECS enhances the level of your eye care:

  Improving your access to eye health professionals
  Refining referrals to hospital eye clinics
  Delivering appropriate and timely referrals
  If suitable, keeping you in primary care rather than referring you to hospital
  When necessary, directing you to more appropriate services
  Improving local eye health in line with the UK vision strategy

99% of patients have been ‘very satisfied’ or ‘satisfied’ with the service. The most common investigation has been for flashes or floaters, followed by dry eye, blepharitis and conjunctivitis.

Privacy Policy for Patients

P&A Morgan Opticians Ltd processes personal information that relates to patients and is therefore required by law to comply with the Data Protection Act 1998 (DPA), which protects your privacy and ensures that your personal information is processed fairly and lawfully.

Our Commitment to Patients

P&A Morgan Opticians Ltd is committed to ensuring that it complies with the DPA and applies ethical principles to all aspects of its work to protect the interests of patients and maintain the confidentiality and security of any personal information held in any form by the practice.

Why Does the Practice Hold Personal Information About Me?

We keep information about you to:

  ensure the optical team can contact you easily;
  provide you with the best possible optical care;
  provide care for you under the NHS and enable administration of the NHS.

What Personal Information is Kept?

Personal information includes facts (e.g. treatment you have had) and opinions (e.g. any concerns you or your optician might have about your eye health). To provide the best possible care for you, accurate and comprehensive personal information is required. The following records are kept and updated regularly:

  personal information and contact details, including your name, address and date of birth;
  eye, social and medical histories (e.g. past or current medical conditions, current medication, the name of your GP);
  results of the examination of your eyes and eye health, including eye scans and clinical photographs;
  information about appointments;
  any treatments and their costs;
  any proposed care, including advice we give to you and referrals you might need;
  any concerns you or your optical team might have;
  details of your consent for specific procedures;
  correspondence with other healthcare workers that relates to your care.

How is My Personal Information Processed?

Sharing Relevant Information

To provide you with appropriate care, we might need to share personal data with:

  another opticians or another health professional who is caring for you;
  your GP;
  a laboratory;
  NHS payment authorities;
  the Inland Revenue;
  the Benefits Agency, if you are claiming exemption or remission from NHS charges;
  a private eyecare scheme, if you are a member.

In these cases, only the minimum information required will be shared. Rarely, the law requires us to pass on information to prevent serious crime or injury. Where possible, we will inform you of requests to share personal information.

Storage and Retention of Personal Information

We keep patient records for adult patients for a minimum of 10 years and for child patients for 15 years.

We will not keep records for longer than necessary and after they are no longer required, records will be incinerated or shredded.

Personal information is stored on a secure password-protected practice computer system and a manual filing system; only authorised practice staff have access to these systems. Back-ups of these data are made regularly, in line with the DPA.

Your Right to Access Personal Information

You have the right, under the DPA, to request a copy of the information held on you by our Practice. If you would like to make a request, please send this in writing to P&A Morgan Opticians Ltd at the address below:

  P&A Morgan Opticians, 2 Alcock Street, Runcorn, Cheshire, WA7 1NA

We do not charge a fee for this information, and will respond to your request within 40 days of its receipt.

If you have a query or would like more information, please contact our receptionist on 01928 572177 or write to the Paul Morgan at the address above.

Frame Selection

Sit back, relax, and let us help you find your perfect frame

Have a drink, a chocolate and enjoy the relaxing surroundings of our frame selection lounge. One of our experienced staff members will guide you through our frame selection, and advise on which styles suit you best.

Or if you are interested in contact lenses then we will be pleased to talk through your options.