P&A Morgan
Hearing Care

In partnership with Integrate Hearing, we check your eyes and now we can check your ears! At P&A Morgan we value the importance of finding a hearing professional you can trust. As part of our partnership with Olivia at Integrate Hearing we offer a fully comprehensive hearing service.

Website: www.integratehearing.co.uk
Email: info@integratehearing.co.uk
Facebook: www.facebook.com/integratehearing


Olivia is a qualified Audiologist and registered Hearing Aid Dispenser, having graduated with a First Class Honours Degree and Clinical Distinction from the University of Manchester. In 2019 we partnered with Olivia who provides our fully comprehensive hearing service.
Whether it be the latest method of microsuction ear wax removal, treatment for hearing loss and tinnitus or prescription of digital hearing aids, Olivia has the experience to find your ideal hearing solution!

Our Hearing

  1. Hearing Tests
  2. Invisible Hearing Aids
  3. Hearing Aid Trials. No Deposits!
  4. Latest Digital Hearing Aid Technology
  5. Unlimited Lifetime Aftercare Service
  6. Tinnitus Treatment
  7. Custom Hearing Protection
  8. In Ear Monitors

Are you over 50 and due a hearing check? Why not book in for a short hearing health check at the same time as your sight test?

Ear Wax
Removal Service

Are your ears feeling blocked? Do you suffer with ear pain or ringing in the ears? Ear wax removal can alleviate these symptoms! Our private ear wax removal service uses the safest methods of ear wax removal. We offer both the more traditional method of ear irrigation and the latest and safest method of microsuction ear wax removal.

Professional Ear Wax
Removal Benefits:

  1. Professional and safe removal of ear wax by our experienced audiologist
  2. Short waiting time
  3. Quick, pain free procedure
  4. No need for softening with olive oil drops
  5. Suitable for those with perforated eardrums
  6. We do not recommend the use of cotton buds. This will only push the ear wax further in, impacting it and causing damage to the delicate skin of the ear canal.

Ear Wax Removal Price: £70. If you or a loved one are feeling blocked or no longer hearing clearly, why not book in for a free hearing health check?